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Payment Policy

Payment to the Sellers will be made in only an online mode on the date of transfer of securities. Buyers also will have to make payment through payment gateway by using any of the following facility through Net Banking: RTGS/NEFT/IMPS and UPI.

At the time of buying the securities the Buyer will have to make sure that he uses his/her own bank account for making payment for buying securities. For this purpose, an e-mandate shall be signed while placing a buy order and the total amount shall be deducted only after Unizon confirms the purchase transaction. It is explicitly agreed between the Parties that only after receipt of full payment towards the shares, entire lot shall be transferred to the Buyer.

Delivery of shares

Buyer will be delivered securities in accordance with the applicable law. Delivery period of securities in physical and demat form will be same as mentioned above. Shares will be transferred only in the name of person from whose account the consideration amount is received.


Unizon does not take any kind of legal or financial responsibility for the purchased shares in dispute. In case an objection is raised for securities which are lodged for transfer with Company, Unizon will support to clear objection, if any, raised within 3 months. However, Splitting of Securities, Consolidation of Securities, Bonus issue or Rights issue of securities and such Record date for any corporate action falling within the period of transfer of securities or on date of selling securities or on date of purchase of securities will be given effect as per provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and rules made there under and any other applicable Laws in force.

Cancellation and refund policy for seller

Seller shall be entitled to cancel the bid for sale of securities placed on the portal for selling as long as the sale is not confirmed by Unizon. Once the sale is confirmed by Unizon, in case of cancellation, the seller shall be penalized with an amount that may be decided by Unizon from time to time and will be reflected on the website.

Cancellation and refund policy for buyer

Buyer shall not be entitled to cancel the order once placed for buying the securities on portal after Unizon gives confirmation for buying the said securities. However, if Unizon cancels the deal with no mistake of the Buyer, the Buyer shall be refunded the full amount paid by the Buyer.

Disputes resolution policy

Generally, transactions are conducted smoothly on our website. However, there may be some cases where the Buyers / Sellers/ Unizon may face issues. A 'Dispute' is a disagreement between a Buyer and Unizon or a Seller and Unizon in connection with a transaction on the Website. Dispute Resolution process is provided in order to resolve the said disputes between Parties. Whenever there is a disagreement, the Buyer or the Seller may write to [●], in order to raise the dispute for its resolution. However, before a Buyer/ Seller raises a dispute, they should attempt to resolve the issue through amicable discussion. Only when the party (Buyer/ Seller) is not completely satisfied with the resolution of his complaint/issue, the arbitration mechanism of dispute resolution should be invoked. Arbitration shall take place in accordance with the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Seat of arbitration shall be Delhi and the proceedings shall be conducted in English language only.

Email abuse & threat policy

Private communication, including email correspondence, is not regulated by Unizon though it encourages its Buyers/ Sellers to be professional, courteous and respectful when communicating by email. However, undesirable emails that violate Unizon’s policies can be investigated and action taken thereon.

In case the Buyers/Sellers receive any spoof (fake) email, the Buyers/Sellers are requested to report the same to Unizon through 'Contact Us' tab.

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